1. You MUST have a confuzer nextcloud account already
  2. A computer with Windows 7 or Higher
  3. Sufficient storage space for all the synced files
  4. Admin privileges on the Windows computer


Step 1:

Download the executable file located here.

Step 2:

Run the executable when the download is finished by going to your downloads folder or wherever the download was saved to.
This step will request the admin privileges to properly install nextcloud.

Step 3:

At the conclusion of the install it will ask to open nextcloud. Select yes, then finish in the installer.
Then navigate to the running nextcloud client, it will immediately ask for the server address. Put in and select next.

Step 4:

Next use your provided username and password to log into the

Step 5:

Set your sync options. For the most part the default options should work flawlessly, but say for instance you would like to leave a folder unsynced because it has a backup of the OS or some other large file, This is the time to set that up, by selecting the option to Choose what to sync. Then go thrugh the directories, checking and unchecking the directories depending on what you would like to sync. If you chose to make an unsynced directory later you can follow the guide here. If you wish to have all of your files synced, leave the default configuration.

Additionally, you may change the directory to witch the files are synced. I recommend syncing your files wherever you store your documents.

Step 6:

Finally the setup is complete! The client software will ask if it should open the Browser client, or if it should open the local copy of the files.
I would reccomend opening the local copy to check to make sure all of your files are beginning to sync.

Step 7:

When looking in the synced directory it should look as shown below, note the synced directory has a green symbol on it, this indicates the directory is synced.

Also depending on the size of your files, the initial sync may take several minutes to hours.


If this does not work:

  1. Check to make sure the URL of the server was put in properly.
  2. Make sure your username and password are correct.
  3. If nothing else works, notify us and we will be able to help.