Connecting An Android Phone To Nextcloud

August 18, 2018 Michael Paraboschi User Guide 1 minute, 21 seconds


  1. You MUST have an account with the confuzer nextcloud account already
  2. Sufficent storage space to install nextcloud and the files chosen for download


The Nextcloud Android client can be found on the Google Play Store making this install very easy.

Step 1:

Open Gogle Play Store app

Search for Nextcloud and install the Nextcloud Client

The installer will make requests for certian permissions on the phone it is imparitive to agree to these requests by selecting ACCEPT.

The Nextcloud Android client will then proceed to install.

Once installed open the app.

Step 2:

Once installed open the app, It will load then ask to connect to a Nextcloud server at this point below the Server Address bar put in

Nextcloud will likely load for a minute or two, once it has loaded put in your provided username in the Username box, and your password in the Password box.

At this point put in your Username, and Password.

Once completed Press Log in
Nextcloud will ask if you want to grant access of your Nextcloud account to that phone serial number. Select Grant Access.

Congratulatons You Are Connected

If there are any problems contact us and we will be happy to help.


One of the most common errors is a problem connecting to the server, to fix this problem make sure the server address is exactly, otherwise this problem will occur.

Additionally if there is a problem with the client internet connection this error will arrise, make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection.

If there are still problems, contact us.


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